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IMA Cyprus was founded in 1989.  IMA serves as the home association and voice of high calibre professionals at top management level.

We are a network blend of PAs, EAs, Office Managers and other professionals who support the top management.

IMA was founded in 1974 by Sonia Vanular as an international quality network of management support professionals who focus on their personal development and on the future changes in their profession.

The encouragement of the members individual development and the constant evolution of the management support profession, are a few of the Association's aims.  The Association is represented in 30 countries worldwide.

The profession of management assistants is going through major changes to embrace the digitalisation of the business world and the new working methods.  The Association aims to be a step ahead in future developments to meet the requirements of the current members and to be attractive to the generations Y and Z entering the business world.

Our Aims

  • Forming a network of highly competent management support professionals able to advise on professional development

  • Creating an image of the management support professionals as an essential element of the management team

  • Providing a forum for management support professionals, employers and educators to promote an understanding of the training experience and career opportunities necessary for the development of its members

  • Offering lifelong learning and self-development with custom-made training programmes, conferences and workshops

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