Friday 30 Sep - Friday 30 Sep

48th International Annual Conference 2022 - the Power of Storytelling

30 September 2022, 9-17.00 EEST - Helsinki, Finland

Connecting with another person is one of the highest forms of social being for humans: we want to be in sync with other people. At the heart of it is good storytelling; it’s how we communicate and connect emotionally with others.  

Great storytelling transports readers and viewers to new and unexpected places where they can more easily digest unfamiliar concepts and consider different perspectives. We want to hear stories! 

As with any skill, the way to master it is to practice. Use stories in your everyday life with your colleagues, coworkers, or friends. Explain things by using stories; you’ll be amazed by their power. Think of the concept of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and something you are passionate about – then apply it in telling the story. 

At the hybrid International Annual conference in Helsinki, we will be listening and sharing stories and learning from them: How did a Canadian lawyer end up in Finland and moderating the IMA conference and why has a Finnish lady lived half of her life in Canada. What are the stories behind the hotel rooms at Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti and how to sell luxury products, and many more exciting stories to learn from. 

The moderator of the conference will be Mr. André Noël Chaker, a well-known and inspiring speaker: originally a French-Canadian lawyer, who has lived in Finland from the early 1990. He specializes in sports law, but is also known as an author, speaker, musician and translator of lyrics.  

Join us in Helsinki, Finland, or online to network with Management Support Professionals around the globe for valuable professional and personal experience. You will find inspiration to use Storytelling as a way to excel at work. This is an exceptional opportunity to network and share thoughts with your professional colleagues and business partners. 

The event will be live, live-streamed and recorded to watch for 60 days replay. We welcome both members and non-members! 

The registration will open in May – don’t miss it! Stay tuned for more info! 

Full program of the IMA conference days- join us!

  • 29 September, Thursday - Welcome reception for all

  • 29 September - Get Together dinner for all

  • 29 September - Full Council Meeting - only for National Committee members

  • 30 September - Conference for all

  • 30 September - Conference Gala dinner for all

  • 1 October - Annual General Meeting - only for members

  • Optional city tours or company visits

    Optional city tours or company visits are arranged around the conference date for participants to explore Helsinki 

Sokos Presidentti hotel Helsinki


Wonderfully revamped Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti showcases Finnish phenomena in an innovative way. In the hotel rooms, designed by Paola Suhonen from Ivana Helsinki, you can immerse yourself in Finnish Sisu, Midsummer, a Fairytale Forest, the Tranquility or a Winter storm right in the heart of Helsinki. Choose your own favorite when you arrive at the hotel! 

Finnishness is the driving force in the entire hotel – from the conference floor's Kultaranta room to the tasty meals with Finnish ingredients at Bistro Manu, and from Midsummer flowers on the pillowcases to the deer shelves in the hotel lobby. 

Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti is a very diverse event venue. The venue is located next to the Kamppi Shopping Centre, close to the Parliament House. You can reach it easily and conveniently by public transport such as tram, metro or by bus.   

Welcome to Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti for an experience-rich conference! 

Presenting our amazing speakers - more to come!