Professional Events

We are a global and high quality network of management support professionals. Two of our main aims are the personal and professional development of our members and the continued evolution of the management support profession. We are regularly asked to speak about our association and expertise to the young up-and-coming future support professionals.

European University Cyprus - Company Visit


Dear Members & IMA Cyprus Friends

I have the pleasure in informing you that a familiarization visit to the European University Cyprus has been arranged to take place on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 at 16:00 hour.

All members present will be welcomed by the Dean of the School, Professor Elizabeth Johnson, who will make a short presentation on both the Medical and Dentistry departments.

Mr Andreas Yiallouris, IT Medical Supervisor, will subsequently escort all participants around the Medical Biochemistry, the Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratories, the Lecture rooms, the Computer Laboratory, the Simulation rooms, the Histology & Microscopy Laboratory, the Multi-Thematic Laboratories, the Dental Materials (Dirty Lab), and the Dental Pre-Clinical Training. We will also have the opportunity to visit the Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic, the Court Room as well as other interesting areas of the campus.

In order to best organize the above most interesting and instructive visit you are kindly requested to indicate your availability to:

Maria Tramountanelli by 19th of November 2018.

We will be very happy to have you with us!

Liana Kontou National Public Relations Officer IMA – International Management Assistants IMA Cyprus

Introducing IMA Cyprus to students of "Office Administration"

  • KES College Nicosia

    24 February 2017

    Following an invitation from KES College in Nicosia, Agathi Konizou, Chairman and Kate Lewis, member of Social & Educational Committee visited the college and presented our association to the students. A very fruitful discussion followed when both Agathi and Kate shared their experiences from their involvement in IMA but also described to the students what the profession is all about, what to expect upon employment and the challenges to be faced.

    A big thank you to the management of KES college and especially to Mr Michalis Georgiades, for giving the floor to IMA Cyprus.

  • CDA College Nicosia

    9 March 2017

    A lively atmosphere awaited IMA Cyprus representatives (Agathi Konizou, Rita Kotsapas and Marinella Manoli) when they visited the CDA college for presenting the association to students of "Office Administration". Agathi started by presenting IMA and its mission. Rita Kotsapas shared her experiences and career path through a quite interesting presentation/speech on "2017 – A new era for Management Assistants: Upgraded and Enhanced Role. Marinella Manoli spoke about her business relationship and cooperation with her manager, duties and responsibilities within a day, dress code and more.

    A Q&A session followed with all IMA members present being involved in answering queries, giving advice and encouraging students to continue their studies and be proud of the profession they chose.

    A big thank you to the management of CDA college in Nicosia and especially to Mrs Tonia Georgiou, for giving the floor to IMA Cyprus.

  • Intercollege Larnaca

    29 March 2017

    A pleasant surprise awaited IMA representatives, Agathi Konizou, Rita Kotsapa and Kate Lewis upon their arrival at Intercollege Larnaca. The students of the Office Administration program undertook to organise on their own IMA’s workshop as part of their event management practice. Indeed they have done a wonderful job welcoming and introducing each one of us.

    About 20 of the students participated the event. Agathi delivered a presentation on IMA and its mission. Rita Kotsapas shared her experiences and career path through an interesting presentation on "2017 – A new era for Management Assistants: Upgraded and Enhanced Role”. Among others, issues such as dress code, responsibilities, cooperation, team-work, building CVs, preparing for and attending interviews were discussed extensively with the students. IMA representatives answered to all the questions raised by students, who showed an extremely high sense of maturity and eagerness to learn from IMA professionals.

    A big thank you to the management of Intercollege Larnaca and especially to Mrs Tasoula Charalambous, Campus Coordinator, Office Administration Program for giving the floor to IMA Cyprus.

  • Cyprus College

    26th April 2017

    "Management Assistants and Life Long Learning". This was the theme of the 27th Training Day of the Office Administration students organised by the Cyprus College, Nicosia.

    The Chairman of IMA Cyprus, Agathi Konizou was among the speakers of the event, and presented the IMA Association aims/vision as well as the benefits of becoming a member of IMA Cyprus.

    Keynote speaker at the event was Mrs Androulla Vassiliou, Former European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth. Other speakers were Mr Michalis Mavros, European University Cyprus, who talked about Health and Safety issues and Mr Xenios Mamas from the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance who talked about Labour Relations.

    A big thank you to the management of Cyprus College and especially to Mrs Maria Lazarou, Coordinator of Office Administration Studies, for giving the floor to IMA Cyprus.