Why You Are The Best Person You Have Met

It takes hard work to handle everything we do!

Before today's Administrative Professionals' Day, there was a National Secretaries Day, created in 1952.

We have come a long way since then, and so has the profession and celebration!

This day of recognition has gone through several makeovers to reflect the changes of administrative titles and responsibilities in today’s workplace.

While the name has changed, the purpose of Administrative Professionals Day remains the same: to celebrate and shed light on Administrative Professionals' devoted, creative and valued work.

Join us for this Special Celebration!

When? 24 April 2021

How? By joining in to the Virtual Presentation of Skevi Constantinou who will deliver a unique content on "Why You Are The Best Person You Have Met!"


Celebration Day Programme (all CET)

16:00 hrs

Opening of Virtual Administrative Professionals Day Celebration by Janet Armenakian, National Chairman IMA Cyprus

16:10 hrs

"Why You Are The Best Person You Have Met" by Skevi Constantinou, Founder/Director The PA Way

17:00 hrs

Q&A Session

17:15 - 18:00 hrs

Celebration Networking




The presentation will aim to inspire you to:

• Dream BIG,

• Be present in the moment

and Manifest the career & life YOU want!

Skevi delivers this presentation with the intent to:

• inspire change,

• get you to level up,


• realise there is no Plan B!

The presentation will cover topics such as:

• Skevi's childhood story • How she became an EA • How EA’s are not rewarded • How to dream big with unlimited potential • How to live the one life you have in abundance • How to be your biggest cheerleader • Owning your worth • Forgiving yourself for mistakes • Growing your mindset from fixed to growth

Who is Skevi?

Skevi Constantinou is an EA with a wealth of experience across various sectors, predominately Corporate Finance. She is a huge advocate for the for the industry, evoking change by encouraging assistants to be heard as one voice.

Having created and launched the popular assistant lifestyle platform, The PA Way, Skevi’s mission is to ensure that Assistants are valued, nurtured and listened to – by staging events and learning to enable them to “live like a boss!”

Skevi’s aim is to take assistants out of their bosses’ shadow and to own their own light. With a goal of ensuring that assistants become so powerful, that people do not know who the boss is, The PA Way is a fresh, fun and informative platform to allow assistants to “level up” by learning, development and events. Members are called Loyal Royals and are connected all around the world.

Skevi has spoken at various in-house training and virtual conferences such as the Houses of Parliament, 4th EA Conference in Prague, ExecSecLive, The PA Show and many more.

Skevi is a firm believer and in her story says:

“My passion for empowering our industry will always be my mission and you are not alone. You are SO important. With my workshops, events, learning and more, I aim to encourage you to have an unwavering belief in yourself and to understand that there are endless possibilities available to you. This is our time, YOUR time and for you to own your POWER in ALL areas of your life. I cannot wait to support you on your journey of self-discovery! Scientists have found that we are made up of star dust, so tell me, are you ready Supernova?”