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Hellenic Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Cyprus.

It provides households and SMEs a full spectrum of competitive banking products and services.  With strong capital adequacy, robust liquidity and reduced risk in its balance sheet Hellenic Bank is at the forefront of financing the growth and transformation of the island’s most important industries and businesses. The Bank’s success is based on the customer centric, personal approach, the wide range of competitive products and services it offers and the use of advanced technology, information and control systems.


The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) is a professional, scientific and independent non-profit organization, founded in 1984 with the aim of developing, upgrading and promoting the IT sector in Cyprus.

CCS seeks to set high standards among industry professionals, recognizing the impact that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has on employment, business, society and the quality of life of the citizen. Playing a key role in connecting academics with the professional sector, the Association promotes key issues in the industry, especially in the fields of digital literacy, professional skills, professionalism, education, training and research.