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Shelley Fishel

International webinar - End your Outlook overwhelm!

by Shelley Fishel, March 2023

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International webinar - how to successfully post on social media

by Nicole Breunissen, May 2023 - members only

Design like a pro with Canva

Design Like a Pro: Master Canva for your IMA content

by Nicole Breunissen, June 2023 - members only

Shelagh Donnelly

International webinar - Influence, Confidence, Credibility and Presence: Lessons from the Org Chart

by Shelagh Donnelly, September 2023

Nicoleta Danu

International webinar - Mastering LinkedIn: Elevate your personal brand

By Nicoleta Danu, November 2023


BCG small actions banner

Small Actions, Big Impact: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matters for All?

By BCG, December 2022

Shelagh Donnelly Risk Management webinar

Introduction to Risk management

by Shelagh Donnelly, November 2022

July AAP webinar

Webinar - Leaders Unleashed

by the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP), July 2022

Deedster challenge Oct 2022

Employee Climate Engagement – Perspectives and trends

by Deedster, October 2022

Pulse workshop AAP

Pulse e-mail etiquette

by the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP), May 2022

IMA The Power of Event Success Management

The Power of Event Success Management

by Lyyti, May 2022

Lyyti webinar

Lyyti training for IMA users

By our partners at Lyyti, April 2022

Vickie Sokol Evans training session for AAP

Jaw-dropping Microsoft productivity tips

by RedCape, April 2022

AAP and IMA get together

Networking between AAP and IMA

By the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP), April 2022

Global Skills Matrix

How To Use the Global Skills Matrix

By Helen Monument and Lucy Brazier OBE, January 2022

Stacey Pinkerton

Abuse of Power – Mental Health for Executive & Personal Assistants

by Stacey Pinkerton, February 2022


Jonathan Hornhagen

To virtually excel and to excellently support with meeting and presentation

by Jonathan Hörnhagen, January 2021

Shelley Fishel

Teams for assistants

by Shelley Fishel, March 2021

Kris Legroe

Using Skills to Transform Towards a New Way of Working 

& The Skills Matrix developed by the World Administrators Alliance.

June 2021

Shelagh Donnelly

Introduction to Strategic Planning

by Shelagh Donnelly, November 2021

Shelley Fishel

Power up with Power Point

by Shelley Fishel, February 2021

Daniel Kjelsson

The Playbook of a Post-Pandemic EA (& How the Future of Work is Already Here)

by Daniel Kjellsson, May 2021

Katherine Vaillancourt

Tech Toolkit for Today’s Admin

by Katherine Vaillancourt, September 2021

Annika Månsson

Why happiness at work matter and what to do about it!

by Annika Månsson,  December 2021