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Interested in becoming a member of this unique global professional network?

You will have access to:

  • an international professional and personal network
  • lifelong learning and self-development with custom-made training programmes, conferences and workshops
  • experience exchanges with your peers from outside your own industry
  • the latest trends and development of our profession
  • the culture and business life in all the member countries

You can apply for membership in your own country, if you see the country on the list of member countries - press the Globe next to the menu top right. You automatically become a member in the country where you live - right now we have more than 20 member countries.

We also have individual members in Bosnia, Kenya, Lithuania, Malta, Nigeria, Portugal, Slovenia and Ukraine where there is currently no IMA organization.

The membership fees are decided by the member countries - please consult each member country to see fees, application please see below.

Don't see your country on our member list?

No problem - you can join IMA as an individual member if your country is not yet established with an IMA organization. You will still be able to get the benefits of IMA and join meetings across the world.

Expanding IMA into new countries and setting up local IMA organizations there comes from initiatives from our individual members. Maybe one day you would like to take on the challenge and start up a new IMA country?

If you have questions about joining as an individual member, please reach out to executivevicechair@ima-network.org.

Personal Membership

You are a management support professional working on management or executive level with the corresponding diploma or degree or with corresponding working experience in our profession.

Please apply here

Business Membership

In our network we also welcome companies we - as Management Support Professionals - usually work with (such as hotel chains, stationary suppliers, travel agencies, recruiting firms) and trainers, speakers, HR consultants, etc. in our network.

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